Family, People, and Places Associated with Thomas Wolfe & Their Fictional Counterparts

Look Homeward, Angel & Of Time and the River

Actual Names Fictional Names
W. O. Wolfe W. O. Gant
Julia Wolfe Eliza Gant
Effie Wolfe Daisy Gant
Frank Wolfe Steve Gant
Mabel Wolfe Helen Gant
Grover Wolfe Grover Gant
Ben Wolfe Ben Gant
Fred Wolfe Luke Gant
Thomas Wolfe Eugene Gant
Margaret Roberts Margaret Leonard
Asheville, N.C. Altamont
Woodfin Street Woodson Street
Old Kentucky Home Dixieland
Chapel Hill, N.C. Pulpit Hill
Professor Baker Professor Hatcher

The Web and the Rock & You Can't Go Home Again

Actual Names Fictional Names
Thomas Wolfe George "Monk" Webber
Aline Bernstein Esther Jack
Maxwell Perkins Foxhall Edwards
Charles Scribner's Sons James Rodney & Co.
Asheville, N.C. Libya Hill
Look Homeward, Angel Home to Our Mountains
Tom and Julia

Thomas Wolfe and his Mother Julia. On the porch of the Old Kentucky Home — one of the last images taken before the author's death in 1938. Courtesy NCDAH

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