Archaeology at Somerset Place

Excavations at the Lake Hospital and Large Slave Quarter

Deconstruction Project January-February 2001

Deconstruction Project - Lake Hospital
Deconstruction Project - Lake Hospital

Archaeologists and conservators remove scabs (cypress planks) from beneath the brick chimney base on the north end of the hospital site. (Photos by Carl Burke, Somerset staff)

Further Excavations March 2001

South Chimney Base - Hospital

Hospital - south chimney base, facing north.

North Chimney Base - Hospital

Hospital - north chimney base, interior exposed.

Large Slave Quarter - Left Chimney Exposed

Large Slave Quarter - west chimney exposed.

Large Slave Quarter - Dismantling the West Chimney

Large Slave Quarter - dismantling west chimney.

Hospital Pier

Hospital Pier.

Large Slave Quarter Pier

Large Slave Quarter Pier.

Source: Steen, Carl. Further Excavations at the Hospital and Large Slave Quarter: Somerset Place State Historic Site (Columbia, S.C.: Diachronic Research Foundation, March 2001).

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