Located on the grounds of the site is the Allen House, a log dwelling characteristic of those lived in by frontier people on the western fringes of the colony. Family sources suggest that John Allen constructed the house around 1780. John's sister, Amy, was the wife of Herman Husband, the pamphleteer prominent in the Regulator movement.

The Allen House was built by John Allen around 1780 for his wife Rachel and their family. John and Rachel raised ten of their twelve children in the log house. It had no windows of expensive glass and got light and air from two doors. The one-room house had a loft upstairs and a small storeroom made by closing in part of the back porch. Many household activities took place on the porches or outdoors. In bad weather cooking, eating, sleeping, studying lessons, making clothes, and mending tools all moved into the one main room. The furniture today reveals these tasks--iron cook pots, dishes on shelves, a desk, beds, chests, and a loom. The Allens were crowded but had more room than many pioneer families.

John and Rachel Allen worked in many ways. John was a farmer and teacher and also assisted his neighbors with legal matters. Rachel raised twelve children, did cooking and gardening, and served as country doctor for her neighborhood. The family took part in Quaker religious meetings at Cane Creek.

Working hard, together John and Rachel had a comfortable but simple standard of living by the end of their lives. Dividing the land he had inherited, John left each of his sons an adequate farm and some cash. He also loaned each son money to get started. The daughters received less; John expected they would marry and share their husbands' inheritances. John also had obtained three luxuries: a grandfather clock, a walnut Chippendale-style desk, and a set of twenty books. The desk and clock are still in his house today.

For many years the house was on the Allen family farm near Snow Camp. In 1967 the Allen House was donated to the state by descendants of the family. It was subsequently moved to Alamance Battleground and restored.

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