"The Spitting Image: A History of Spittoons and Cuspidors"

February 28 through December 1 at Duke Homestead

Believed to be the first ever show devoted solely to spittoons and cuspidors, it includes more than 50 different artifacts. They range from a spittoon shaped like a turtle that opens when its head is pressed, to a brass cuspidor used in the old N.C. Senate chamber until 1961. No definitive history of cuspidors and spittoons currently exists.

Artifact Photos:
Brass Cuspidor. Owned by an African American, this cuspidor dates from the 1930s-1960s and was once used in an Edenton barbershop named Percy's, which had the cheapest haircuts in town. Brass Cuspidor
Earthenware Spittoon (spongeware). Used in Caswell County, North Carolina, 1890-1900. Earthen Spittoon
Cast Iron Spittoon shaped like a turtle. Step on head to lift up shell and reveal receptacle, still has original green paint; made by Golden & Jacobsen, Chicago, Illinois. Date Unknown. Turtle Spittoon