Alamance Battleground

Colonial Period – Revolutionary War

Here in 1771, an armed rebellion of backcountry farmers called Regulators battled with royal governor William Tryon's militia. The spark for this conflict was growing resentment in the Carolina colony against the taxes, dishonest sheriffs, and illegal fees imposed by the British Crown. In response, the Regulators were formed and began to fight back. Though the rebellion was crushed, a few years later their tactics became a model for the colonists fighting the British in the American Revolutionary War.

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Located on the grounds of the site is the Allen House, a log dwelling characteristic of those lived in by frontier people on the western fringes of the colony in this period.

A brief article on colonial North Carolina history entitled, "Voices from the Past" is available on-line from UNC-TV.


Reenactor Resources

Alamance Battleground will commemorate the 245th anniversary of the Battle of Alamance with "Fight for the Backcounty", a reenactment featuring 18th century soldiers and artillery recreating the battle between Tryon's militia and the Regulators on the original battlefield. Impression guidelines and registration information can be found below.

Alamance Battleground

Upcoming Events

  • May 18:
    The Regulation as Real Estate Dispute: A Colonial Struggle for Land Ownership

    Thursday, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
    Alamance Battleground presents "The Regulation as Real Estate Dispute: A Colonial Struggle for Land Ownership" with special guest Mark Chilton. This lecture will be held in the visitor centor, in conjunction with the 246th anniversary observance of the Battle of Alamance. Mr. Chilton is currently the Register of Deeds of Orange County, NC and formerly served as the Mayor of Carrboro. He is the author of several local history books, including the "Land Grant Atlas of Old Orange County." The lecture is free, and open to the public.

  • May 19:
    Homeschool Day

    Friday, 9 am - 12 noon
    Colonial life comes alive as historical interpreters demonstrate such skills as period cooking, musket firing, and blacksmithing. Admission is $2 per child and registration is required. A cannon firing will take place at noon.

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